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US Air Force
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Saturday, April 8th, 2006
1:45 am
Well I'm 24 year old college graduate that is facing the maddness of searching the job industry for work.My father is retired Air Force and if I get in I'll be the 4th generation to serve in the AF. For years I have been thinking about joining the Air Force. I have so many questions and I was hoping someone could provide some advice. My degree is a Bachelor of Fine Art in Visual Arts, so is there any chance that might play against me? I haven't gone to a recruiter yet since I've made a personal deadline to stop the civilian job search by August. Physically I'm pretty good but I suck at pushups. I'm working on it. I was just wondering if anyone here have any words of wisdom to share. Is there anything I should know prior or ask? I've been doing research for awhile now trying to get the basics or the system. I have some help from my father but he's retired and was enlisted.
Thursday, January 26th, 2006
8:36 am
Rock on, Air Force!
I've been in the delayed enlistment program since September. I ship out in March but I'm also taking the PT test for Special Forces, para rescue, in February. Has anyone here taken the test before? I was just interested if anyone had any pointers on it. I'm just a little nervous that I won't make the times on the swimming and running. Yesterday I swum 150 yards more than I need to on the test so I'm good with the distance. Sheesh! Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Current Mood: curious
Saturday, December 31st, 2005
1:00 pm
Just a quick question.

I just went through MEPS on Thursday and one of the jobs I picked was in munitions. Anybody out there in that field and can tell me what the job's like? I know that in descriptions they tend to glamorize things, so I just want to make double sure about what I'm getting into.
Friday, November 11th, 2005
12:06 pm
how long does the actual enlistment process take. I want to go to basic in like august or september. When should i start the process?
Thursday, November 10th, 2005
7:28 pm
Hello all fellow Airmen! Im actually not in yet, but I just got my ship date which is March 1, 2006! Im going in as an Airman 1st Class!

Go Air Force!
Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
9:41 am
So i talked to a recrutier off the goany site, and he confirmed what the other recruiter told me. So i'm not as confused. But i hear from one side that its the type of school you go to, and from another its the type of loan you have to quallify for the student loan pay back program. Anyone know anything about that?

again (mass Air guard)

Sunday, November 6th, 2005
6:00 pm
Hello everyone! Just wanted to say hi and let you know a quick bit about me and why I joined this community. I am a DEPper of the USAF and head to Lackland AFB on 23 January to be... AN AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER! Yea! My boyfriend is active duty in the Navy for over a year now and we are soon to be married... there are some tough times coming I know. Talk to you soon.

Current Mood: Proud to serve the USAF
Sunday, October 30th, 2005
6:12 pm
ok i have a question. i was at www.goang.com the other day and it said 4 or 6 year enlistments, but then said something about they only havein 6, so i talk to my recruiter, and he tells me, they only have 6 year enlistments (USAF Guard), they have a 3 year enlistment as of OCt 1, but he said in my case, i wouldnt get the 10,000 enlistment bonus, the 23,000 GI Bill and the 20,000 student loan payback, so if i wanted the benifits, i'd have to enlist for 6 years.

my friend is in the army guard and says it sounds like hes lying. that her recruiter tried the same shit

so i have no idea. anyone tell me any different? cuz i'm confused.
Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
8:36 pm
Hey everyone. I'm Jess, i'm 20 and i'm in the middle of debating on wether or not to enlist in the air guard. I talked to a recruiter, and am in the process of trying to convince my friends/family that this is what i want to do. And also trying to figure out what i want to do. I have the fear of bootcamp, and being homesick, and failing....but my friend came on on leave the other day after basic for the USAF and i saw everyone so proud of her...i dunno, so yea any help would be apprecaited.
Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
11:15 am
New Here
Hi I'm new on live journal and in this community. I am a military spouse and mom. My hubby did 8 years regular army and is currently AGR (active duty National Guard, which means the National Guard is his every day job). My oldest daughter is in the Air Force (Supply) and is currently getting ready to return from deployment somewhere in the middle east. My oldest son is currently in Army AIT, learning his trade (fiber optics communications). My two younger children are both in high school. My younger daughter wants to be a doctor, and my younger son wants to be a pilot in the Air Force. We are a military family through and through. We love it. We hate when someone is deployed, but we deal with it, we pray for them, and we love them like crazy when they come back home. My hubby is currently not deployed overseas, but his Unit is. He had already done a deployment overseas in the last couple of years and is now staying back to keep the rear detachment running smoothly. I also work with the military; I am a teacher in a Youth Challenge Program. I don't work FOR the military (I work for the state), but I do work WITH National Guardsmen who are our CADRE (disciplinarians). Check out my livejournal to learn more about YCP.
Oh, also, we live in Louisiana, so my husband, as a National Guardsman, has been working seven days a week nonstop since two days before Hurricane Katrina hit. Don't believe anything you hear about Louisiana's National Guard not responding, they have been working their asses off since this happened. They were there BEFORE the storm. Fortunately we live near the armory he is now working out of so he comes home every night, but there are Guardsmen who have been here since the storm and are still activated and not at home with their families. Some of them came back from a deployment in Iraq and went straight to New Orleans. They're working hard and we love them.

Current Mood: lazy
Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
12:05 pm
Im new to the community and lj just thought I'd say hi. A little about me, I was active duty for 8 years and have spent the last 2 years in the AF reserves.

Current Mood: calm
Friday, June 17th, 2005
1:52 pm
Hi im new if anyone is the the AF let me know because i have some questions to ask. IM me at Darknessinside47 or AllChainedUp90
Monday, April 25th, 2005
6:10 am
How many Freemasons (if any) have you run across in the USAF?
Sunday, April 24th, 2005
11:16 pm
Request for Comments... Air Force PCS and Commissioning.
I have a question I'm hoping someone a little more experienced could help me with.

I've been trying to apply for a commissioning program (AECP) for about a year now. I have the min credits completed, but I'm missing to required classes: Calculus I and II. My school only offers them in Spring and Fall I and II. My problem has been deployments. Because I'm a 2T1X1 (Transportation), which means when I get deployed, I go to Iraq for 6 months and do Convoy Security. It also means I don't get to be home for very long. (I got back 2 months ago and I've been told to prepare to go again.) I've never been home when they offered those classes. I'm afraid I'll be waiting for another year before I can even think of applying.

So, I'm looking for any ideas on how I can either PCS or get delayed long enough to finish these classes. I've been in for 3 years, and signed up for six. This means I can't apply for a BOP. It also means I'm inelligable for a Achedemic Leave of Absence (previously called Bootstrap.) Anyone have any ideas on how I can change bases or delay my deployment for those two classes?

Any ideas would be appreciated.
SrA Jones

X-Posted to usmilitary
Friday, February 11th, 2005
7:05 am
Hi everyone,

My boyfriend Robert is an airman and has been serving for three years. While serving in the UK, he had put in as his preference a base about one hour away from me so that we can live near one another. However, they had sent him to Offutt AFB in Nebraska, where he just arrived this Sunday. It is at least ten hours from me, so not too close. But I said to myself, "Could have been worse, he's still in the States so I am thankful for that."

Then we heard from his new airman friends from his new base that each enlisted airman actually has one free "base of preference" assignment where he or she can choose a base where he or she wants to be assigned. Is this true? If this is, I'm upset that the people working in the UK didn't help us as they could. We've had many problems with Alconbury/Mildenhall people. He misses America very much and is very happy to be back here.

Also, is it also true that if an airman volunteers for an assignment in Korea (considered a war zone I believe), that he/she basically gets to pick his/her next assignment due to Korea being such an unpopular but needy assignment?

Please help!

Friday, January 21st, 2005
8:14 am
The Military Girlfriend's/Wife's Prayer
The Military Girlfriend's/Wife's Prayer

Give me the greatness of heart to see,
The difference between duty and his love for me.
Give me the understanding so that I may know.
When duty calls him, he must go.
Give me a task to do each day,
To fill the time when he's away.
When he's in a foreign land,
Keep him safe in your loving hand.
And Lord, when duty is in the field,
Please protect him and be his shield.
And Lord, When deployment is so long,
Please stay with me and keep me strong.
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